How to Plan your Grocery Trip

“If you fail to plan, plan to fail.”

This is so relevant when it comes to planning your meals for the week. When I’ve been traveling, this doesn’t happen and I tend to spend more money at the grocery store on foods that don’t even go “together”.


Below are my suggestions. Do these BEFORE you leave for the store:

  1. Set aside time to plan your meals and make this a priority to sit down and focus. It will make your week smoother and happier! 


  2. Check your freezer and refrigerator to see what you already have.

  3. Base your meals off of what ingredients you have = less money spent.

  4. Have your computer or phone open to recipe ideas using what you already have in your fridge. Example: I had frozen chicken, cauliflower rice and butternut squash already in my fridge. We will have fried vegetable cauliflower rice one night and I’ll cook garlic chicken with butternut squash another night. I found the Instant Pot garlic chicken recipe on Pinterest and it’s very few ingredients, so that was perfect.

  5.  Think of your week ahead. Will you have time to cook every night? Do you need to cook in your instant pot or slow cooker one night to relieve some stress? Does your husband have a meeting and you don’t have to cook one night? Will you have leftovers from one meal?

  6. Plan to make one meal that will create leftovers for another night.Life gets busy and sometimes the week won’t go as planned. Have one meal planned in case you need to relax when you get home and not worry about cooking. I don’t recommend eating after three days in the fridge.

  7. Get a cute or fun notebook and colorful pens. IMG_3816

  8. Play some music while you plan. Christmas music on repeat this month! 😉

  9. Make a cup of tea or your favorite beverage to sip while you create your list and search for recipes.

  10. Think of it as a blessing that you can shop for whatever meal you want!

    “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
    ― Hippocrates


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