Safe Cookware

This one will shock you, and it will probably annoy you a little too! Be careful when you make your wedding registry is all I have to say. Who knew cookware we used EVERY single day isn’t safe?

Teflon is the ingredient that raises concern when it comes to non-stick pans. First of all, this ingredient is synthetic that is coated on pans to give it the “non-stick” effect. When you cook and heat the pan, the toxins may break down and eventually release into your food. No thank you. If you don’t cook, you are in luck ha! However, I cook almost nightly and we cook a lot of eggs for breakfast. That’s at least twice a day that we’re being exposed to those chemicals.

So what do we use?


We use Lodge cast iron pans – this is not an ad. We truly love their cast iron pans. It eventually becomes a non-stick pan when you season is correctly. Not going to lie, I watched a few YouTube videos to figure out the best way to care for this baby! However, the crisp and flavor that come from using these pans are incredible.

Cast Iron

Our other set, which has various sizes, is our stainless steel set. I’d recommend starting with a reliable stainless steel set if you are just switching over.

Stainless Steel Set

My Le Crueset pans are another favorite, but they are pricier. It can be very overwhelming when looking at all of the options for non-toxic pans. These two options are very affordable, so that was another factor. All in all, aluminum and teflon are the main chemicals you want to stay away from when first starting your journey to non-toxic cookware. Remember, you have to start somewhere!

Happy cooking!

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