Self Care Practices

Apparently National Self Care Day was November 1st. 

Who knew?!? Anyways, I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite practices for taking care of myself mentally, physically and emotionally. It is not a one size fits all package. You have to find what fills your cup and keeps you grateful, happy and less stressed.

Working out for me used to be about reaching my goal weight. As I got older, I realized it is more about loving my body, giving it rest, and filling it with things that make my heart happy. Not being stressed is such a vital part in reducing disease and sickness, so make sure you take time for yourself daily!

Here is what my week looked like..


  • Juiced
    • This provides me a clear mind and nutrients that heal my body.
  • Insanity workout
    • High intensity workouts make me feel energized and motivated to get things done. The results in your body are also much quicker than just a normal jog or walk.


  • Massage
    • Deep tissue and points of pressure are my favorite massages.  Swedish massages are not intense enough for my muscles. Running a blog, teaching full time and working a side business had my muscles tight! 😉 It’s imperative that you release those toxins from your lymph nodes and relieve your tension and stress.


  • Hubby cooked
    • My awesome husband cooked Sunbasket for us for dinner. Taking a break from cooking is so peaceful during the work week. My mind already feels more at ease coming home from work. Hint Hint, another reason why you should try it ladies! 😉



  • Mexican Date night
    • My favorite food is Mexican food and this girl loves some quality time with my husband. It is my love language, so date night always fills up my cup. If you haven’t read The 5 Love Languages, do it now! So eye opening for our marriage.


  • Rested, rested, rested and watched Hallmark movies
    • Can’t beat that! All the holiday feels!


  • Retail Therapy
    • Seasons make me super excited, and I love waking up early on Saturday mornings in the fall with no accountability. A little retail therapy never hurt anyone either. Target is my jam! I also could spend hours in Costco with all the Christmas decorations (that I don’t need).


  • A run in the misty, foggy weather with no phone
    • Sometimes I get too stuck to my phone and a simple walk or run while enjoying the sounds of nature is just what I need to come down and remind myself what is truly important in life. So healing.
  • Church
    • Fills my cup spiritually, emotionally, and mentally! Today our preacher delivered a message from 1 Samuel 17. The famous story of David and Goliath. What a blessing to know that even though we have and will face giants throughout life, God will protect us and give us the faith and strength we need to defeat those Goliath’s.


  • Epsom salt bath
    • Magnesium is an important mineral that most of our bodies are deficient in. Epsom salt baths + a little lavender essential oils help release toxins from your body as well. Try not to bring your phone in while you soak for 20 minutes. Enjoy the peace and quiet and your mind unwinding before another work week.


What do you do for self-care? 


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