Healthier Halloween Treats for your Littles

As I put together goodie Halloween bags for my students, I figured some mamas might want to know how they can include healthier fun in the treats they are giving. Whether you are putting out a blue pumpkin on Halloween night for those with food allergies or if you want your child to have a healthier option, these are a few things I am doing this year.


  1. Grape “Spider Eggs” bags – has a free template that I used.
  2. Halloween themed pencils or erasers
  3. Glow in the dark teeth (I’m sure we’ll get a good laugh out of this when I turn off the lights!)
  4. Halloween Stickers
  5. Treat bags with trail mix (pretzels, popcorn, goldfish since I have a student with a peanut allergy)

Most of my goodies are from Michaels – 60% off what what! Love a good bargain, especially when I have 22 students!

I’m all about balance in life. I understand kids need to be kids, but a lot of candy is filled with artificial colors and flavor, soy, and dairy. There are healthier candy options as well, but I tried to get creative and avoid it this year. My students love snacks, so I think they will still be just as excited with the goodies I give them!

Happy (almost) Halloween!

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