Household Essentials

Kosmatology is a staple brand in our house.

Motivated by her daughter’s eczema, she began creating her own formulas since other lifestyle changes did not work. It is an organic skin care line that is very affordable. They also are MadeSafe certified – go check out what that means on their website.

We use their hand soaps, hand sanitizer and bath soap in our household.

  • Hand Soap

Majority of hand soaps are filled with synthetic fragrances, parabens, synthetic colors and other toxic ingredients. Many are carcinogenic or may affect hormones, immune systems, and more. The hand soap is super foamy and the lemon scent is right up my alley. It is difficult to find a foamy, effective soap that smells fabulous and has clean and natural ingredients.



  • Hand Sanitizer

Triclosan is an active ingredient in hand sanitizers that actually kills the bad and good bacteria as well. As a teacher, I needed to find a cleaner option because I don’t have the option to wash my hands 20 times a day. I also can’t be killing the good since there are so many germs flying around! Kosmatology has a fabulous option that is free from parabens and phthalates.  I currently use the lavender scent because lavender also has calming properties.

  • Bath Soap

The bath soap works well and has such a fresh scent! Spearmint rosemary is my favorite.

Right now, they are having a Halloween sale, so head over and stock up!

What’s your favorite clean hand soap, hand sanitizer, or bath soap?

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