Breast Cancer Awareness

Thank you Plexus Worldwide for the opportunity to share a little inspiration and wisdom for others. Plexus Worldwide started as a breast health company and now prides themselves as a health and wellness company that is committed to life changing products and a rewarding business opportunity.

My Story


October came and I immediately got messages asking to put a heart  on my Facebook wall for breast cancer awareness.

Sure, but let me tell you from experience something you can do for someone going through breast cancer because I’m pretty sure everyone is already AWARE it is everywhere unfortunately. We shouldn’t be just aware this month, but every. day.

  • spend time with an elderly at the cancer center (being young and going through it was hard – I can’t imagine my body being weak)
  • drop off new, bright scarves or hats (especially when it starts to get cold- your head is so cold with no hair!)
  • make goodie bags with healthy snacks (nothing tastes good, but we know diet affects cancer no matter what your oncologist says)
  • make a card and drop it off to a cancer center (day made)
  • drop a magazine or book off to a cancer center (it gets really boring the days you can’t fall asleep when the steroids are pumped into you)
  • gift a pair of pajamas (best present ever!)
  • donate to a someone’s personal GoFundMe who is fighting cancer so you know exactly where the money is going
  • drop a devotional, bible or positive book off to them (I read healing verses every day)

I promise you will make their day, maybe their month or whole year!



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