Fall is so rejuvenating and October always brings enjoyable & exciting activities! Why does it also always fly by so quickly?!




Apple Orchard. 100% one of my top things to do. Apple cider donuts are a must because ‘tis the season, right? (Don’t worry, the only time I eat them!) Picking the actual apple is exciting if you are a “crisp” apple lover because you literally have sooooo many to choose from. 😉

Pick pumpkins at the patch. I can never bring myself to buy pumpkins from Walmart or somewhere where they are just sitting around. It feels like cheating HA. It just doesn’t bring out the fall spirit! We just got a local farm that has fall activities and I’m hoping they have a selection of pumpkins because it’s way better than throwing one in your cart.

Make pumpkin recipes. Pinterest has a ton! Whether you want a healthy, paleo pumpkin coffee cake or if you want to make a pumpkin protein smoothie, you can always find what you want on Pinterest. Morning is my favorite because usually my pumpkin recipes are for breakfast- open up the windows and let the crisp air in while you bake. Instant mood booster! 😉 Check out one of my previous posts for a great brand of pumpkin mix.


Watch fall Hallmark movies with fall candles burning. I’ll admit I’m not a big Halloween and scary movie fan, BUT I do love me some Hallmark! They always have fall movies about falling in love, drama, etc. That’s more up my ally. Oh and you’ve got to have the Apple Cider or Pumpkin beeswax candle burning (I shared my favorite one in a previous post).

Football tailgate! College or NFL? College! We are Clemson alums so Saturdays in the fall are gamedays. There is nothing like a college gameday in Clemson with a sea of orange and purple reminiscing on your college days.


Relax, unwind and enjoy a good book on your porch. Reading my daily devotional outside when the weather is cool and the sun starts to rise gives me all the feels. Try really hard to “slow down” and enjoy quiet time on Saturday & Sunday mornings. For me, it resets my priorities a lot of time. Life gets so crazy busy that I truly need that quiet time to remain focused and sane LOL!

What are your favorite fall activities?

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